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In the history of our great church, it states, "On October 14, 1962 at 3:00 pm, a conference was called by the First Baptist Church of Phenix City for the purpose of dedicating Bethany Chapel as a duly constituted Southern Baptist Church.  Thirty-five persons came at this time.  After the church covenant was read in unison, a motion was made and seconded to call Rev. Mack E. Lowery to be the pastor of the new church.  The vote was unanimous for his calling.  At a called conference, the congregation voted unanimously to name the new church Bethany Baptist Church."  On October 24, the church elected Trustees and gave them the authority to see and obtain the deed for the church property.  In the March business conference of 1963 after months of deliberation, the church elected their first body of Deacons.  In May of that same year, the church called Rev. Mack E. Lowery to the first full-time Pastor and became a full-time church.  At their annual meeting on October 3-4, 1963, Russell Baptist Association voted unanimously to accept Bethany Baptist Church as a member of the association.  The first Homecoming of Bethany was held the second Sunday of October, 1963.


Fast-forward 40 years.  On Mother's Day, 2002, Rev. Jimmie Hobbs began his ministry as Bethany's 13th Pastor.  He and his wife, Marlene, and their daughter, Annah, began their ministry to this great church.  Then, on December 17, 2007 the sale of the existing property was closed with Paradise Development Group of Florida to build a Walgreens Pharmacy.  Bethany purchased nine acres on Pierce Road less than a half-mile from the original location.  Plans were developed to build a new 11,000 square foot facility to have more worship and educational space and for future growth.  On May 17, 2009, Bethany held it's first service in the new facility.  A Dedication/Celebration was held on October 9, 2009 with full capacity in attendance.  Summer of 2017, Jonathan McLain became the pastor. The church is experiencing growth.  Praise God from Whom all blessing flow!

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